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Many Fences that are damaged from either Old Age or general wear and tear can be repaired or renovated.  Whether its a broken post or Panel, or a whole boundary fence Wells Fencing will be able to help.


It doesn't need to be a costly exercise and you do not always need a new fence. We can respond quickly and have your Fence restored back to life in no time. 


We can assess your Fence and give you the most cost effective solution that will bring your Fence back to life. Ensuring that your fence is Secure and just as aesthetically pleasing as a new one.

Contact us to find out more and get a free estimate to carry out your repairs.


Many Fences are subject to a lot of damage over the harsh winter months. The combination of heavy rainfall & strong winds really make your fence susceptible to damage. More so than ever before in the U.K. with climate change playing a major role.

Wells Fencing can easily make permanent or temporary measures to get your boundaries secure in case of an emergency.


Fences can be repaired and restored back to its original state and doesn't always need to be a costly exercise. 


Wells Fencing can provide you with many options to repair your damaged fence and if oyu require a quick response we are here to help 24 hours a day.




Please call 07817 774 106 for any Emergency Repairs

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